Our sports medicine doctors at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global, located in the US Virgin Islands which include St. Thomas St. John and St. Croix, are recognized experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries and conditions.

Since sports injuries often happen quickly and offer unique challenges, sports injuries require a level of treatment above and beyond the ordinary. All athletes, from high school and college players to professional athletes or weekend warriors enjoying their favorite hobby, can potentially be susceptible to injury. If you are injured while playing your sport, it is vital to seek the care of a sports doctor with the expertise and training to provide Timely and accurate, up-to-date, personalized treatment options. Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global, located in the US Virgin Islands, maintains a carefully chosen team of highly trained sports medicine doctors, each of whom are talented and passionate about helping get you back into your game.  The sports medicine specialists on our team are well versed on treating the most common and complex sports-related injuries.

Common Sports Injuries

Common sports-related injuries treated at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global include:

Like no two athletes are alike, no two sports injuries are alike, but there are common conditions that affect athletes that are specific to the individual, type of sport and position. Still, every case will be individually evaluated, diagnosed, and treated by one of our doctors.  Some of the more common injuries of sports are bumps bruises strains and sprains and can be managed with rest activity modification. Sometimes medication can also assist in the recovery process. When necessary, your sports medicine-trained physician will prescribe a treatment regimen that puts you in the hands of a well-trained Physical and Occupational therapist in order to implement specific sports-related recovery efforts. Torn ligaments of the knee are some of the most common sports injuries, particularly the ACL and the MCL. The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, connects the thighbone and the shinbone and is commonly injured in sports like soccer, tennis, and basketball. The MCL, or medial collateral ligament, holds together the bone and cartilage in the knee and is commonly injured in sports like basketball, football, soccer, and skiing. Sprains can also cause issues for athletes. A sprain involves tearing or stretching ligaments, which connect the bones. Sprains can happen in any joint but are most commonly seen in the wrists and ankles. While many sprains can be treated at home, more severe or repeating conditions may require professional evaluation by both the Sports trained surgical physician and Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global, as well as our sports trained occupational and physical therapy specialist at COG Restore.  Being seen by your sports medicine physician a Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global as soon as a sports injury occurs is vital for a thorough recovery. Seeking help from a sports medicine doctor quickly will allow you to return to your sport as soon as possible.

What Does Your Sports Medicine Trained Orthopedic Surgeon Treat?

  • Fractures of the hand as well as sprains and strains that involve the hand and wrist
  • Tendon injuries as well as forearm fractures
  • Elbow sprains strains and fractures
  • Injuries to the upper arm and shoulder which include rotator cuff tear shoulder dislocation ligament tears and muscle strains. Bicep tendon tears are part of the expertise of a sports medicine physician.

Sports medicine doctors may also be able to assist in the diagnosis and early management of multiple injuries in the upper back and cervical spine. Sports medicine doctors also take care of the same and similar injuries that occur in the hand that involve the foot. Fractures of the foot sprain of the ankles, ligament, tendon and cartilage injuries.

Why Choose Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global? 

The team of sports medicine surgeons working with Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global has undergone years of additional training specifically surrounding sports medicine. Our sports medicine surgeons include Dr. Brian Bacot, Dr. Jamil Jacobsel and Dr. Leah Cobb. These experts use their advanced training to provide accurate assessments, diagnoses, and treatment plans for a wide range of sports injuries.  Your sports injury treatment will not only include working with our surgeons but also with our physical therapists. Our surgeons work closely with the team of therapists at COG Restore, ensuring that your enrollment in rehabilitation is seamless and that you can get on the road to recovery.  To schedule a consultation with a sports medicine doctor in St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, or one of our Virgin Islands locations, please request an appointment using our online portal or contact us via phone at (340) 779-2663.