Our specialty-trained doctor at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global is a recognized expert in joint revision.

Joint revision surgery is a relatively common procedure for those who have previously had a joint replaced. Young individuals who put immense pressure on their joints, such as athletes, may be eligible for joint revision surgery. Additionally, older patients may need joint revision if their joint implants have been worn down over time by friction or through mechanics.

A replacement joint has the potential to become infected, loosen, or wear over time. If this is the case, the joint in question may become painful and swollen. Joint revision procedures allow for the removal of the old implant and the insertion of new components.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is recommended to speak with a joint revision surgeon in the Virgin Islands:

  • Instability in the affected joint
  • Stiffness in the joint
  • Limping
  • General ineffectiveness of the joint

Overview of Surgery

Joint revision surgery is typically only recommended for those whose joint pain does not improve with nonsurgical methods. During surgery, the surgeon will first assess the bone surrounding the joint before removing the old joint. The remaining bone and the surrounding soft tissue are reconstructed, and the new implant is then fixed to the bone. Individual procedures may involve additional steps, but these elements are common to virtually all joint revision surgeries.

Following surgery, patients are closely monitored to ensure no blood clots develop. Blood count and general medical condition will also be monitored. Antibiotics are also often given to help prevent infection. In some cases, the joint may be encased in a splint to ensure protection throughout the recovery process. Drains are also placed around the surgical wound as a way to collect blood and other fluids.

As with any surgery, joint revision isn’t a procedure to take lightly. Joint revision should only be performed by an experienced and skilled joint revision specialist. At Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global, we are proud to have Dr. Brian Bacot on our team. Our joint revision surgeon has undergone years of additional advanced training to gain the skills and expertise necessary to perform joint revision procedures. Extensive preparation and special implants and tools are put in place for every procedure, giving you the best chance of a quick and pain-free recovery.

If joint revision surgery is the best option to alleviate your pain, our doctor will work directly with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. At Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global, we know that simple, everyday tasks can be made difficult or impossible when you are suffering from joint pain. We work daily to offer customized treatment plans for every patient and ensure that you can move forward with confidence.

If you are experiencing significant joint pain from a past joint replacement procedure or want more information about joint revision or joint replacement procedures, please contact Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global in St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix or the Virgin Islands by calling (340) 779-2663 to schedule an appointment.