Our specialty-trained doctor at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global is a recognized expert in joint replacement.

Of all the reasons a patient would choose to go through joint replacement surgery, severe joint pain is the most common. Joint pain can arise from old injuries, from fractures, or from a number of degenerative conditions including arthritis and osteoarthritis. In these cases, when traditional treatment methods do not produce desired results, joint replacement surgery may be the best option.

With today’s technology, fully functioning artificial implants are available for virtually any joint in the body. However, the most common joint replacements include the hip and the knee.

Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global is proud to have Dr. Brian Bacot and Dr. Jamil Jacobs-El as our joint replacement doctors in the Virgin Islands with Dr. Bacot practicing joint replacement in both St. Thomas and St. Croix and Dr. Jacobs practicing at our St. Croix location. Dr. Bacot specializes in joint replacement surgeries of all kinds, including partial and total joint replacements, and osteotomies.

About Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgeries are common procedures and typically involve few complications. If you and your doctor decide that joint replacement surgery is the best treatment option for your case, you may undergo one of the following procedures.
Partial Joint Replacement
In a partial joint replacement procedure, as the name implies, only part of the joint is replaced. For instance, in a partial knee replacement, the kneecap, the outside, or the inside of the knee is replaced. These surgeries are considered minimally invasive and are typically performed on weight bearing joints like the knees.
Total Joint Replacement
Total joint replacement, sometimes referred to as arthroplasty, involves completely replacing a damaged joint. The replacement joint will be made of ceramic, metal, or plastic. The most common total joint replacement surgeries involve the hips or the knees.
During an osteotomy, your joint replacement surgeon will cut and reshape the bone. This procedure is commonly recommended when one portion of the joint is damaged as opposed to the entire joint. Osteotomies can be a good way to postpone a partial or total joint replacement for many years down the road.

You may want to consult a joint replacement specialist and discuss the possibility of surgery if you are currently experiencing one or more of these symptoms:

  • Severe or debilitating pain in your joints
  • Joint pain so severe that it keeps you awake at night
  • Joint discomfort that makes it difficult or impossible to participate in recreational activities or sports
  • Joint pain that makes it difficult or impossible to conduct your typical daily functions, such as standing up or climbing stairs
  • Joint pain that has been unresponsive to more conservative treatment methods, including therapy and exercise