Arthritis is a painful condition that is the consequence of cartilage and bone injury that can cause the body’s joints to become painful, swollen and stiff. Nearly one in three adults suffer from arthritis, and it’s also the most common chronic ailment among senior citizens. Arthritis, though, can impact people of all ages, even children. Although there are more than 100 types of arthritic diseases, the most prevalent is osteoarthritis, which by classification covers 90 % of disease. This degenerative joint disease occurs when the cartilage, which protects the ends of bones, wears away and bone underneath begins to be injured in various ways. Other common arthritic diseases are inflammatory and though they encompass only 10 percent of Arthritic disease they can be quite destructive and debilitating and furthermore Are static in effect and have broad effect over many systems other than joins and can be more life affecting and threatening. These include juvenile arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and others and are screened for at Comprehensive Orthopedic Global in the Virgin Islands by our world rebound Rheumatologist Dr Rebecca Manno. Utilization and assistance of our world rebound rheumatologist Dr. Rebecca Manno at Comprehensive Orthopedic Global located in the US Virgin Islands, which includes St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix, not only has she worked with the surgeons of Comprehensive Orthopedic Global on when surgical intervention is most important, but her rheumatologic expertise has prevented many patients from needing surgery due to the effects of their debilitating, harmful and life-threatening disease. At Comprehensive orthopedic Global, we try our best to provide expert services to our patients and clientele in order to allow them to prevent, live with, and recover from musculoskeletal diseases and/or injury. We do this by utilizing multiple specialty minds (orthopedic surgeons, physical therapy specialist, Rheumotologist, Pain Management specialist) as a team In order to provide our patients the best in evidence based medicine.

Arthritis treatment in the Virgin Islands typically involves the utilization of conservative management which involves anti-inflammatory medication along with physical therapy, such as that provided by COG Restore in conjunction with devices meant to relieve joint stress, such as splints, canes, or crutches. Weight loss, consistent exercise, and pain modifying methods including mental health management, pain management can also help relieve arthritis pain. Those with severe arthritis may find that traditional methods of pain relief are not helpful. Severe arthritis pain may lead to the need for joint surgery in order to restore typical pain free functioning and reduce dysfunction and discomfort.

Joint surgery for arthritis can be quite varied depending on type, severity and the location of pain. Joint replacement surgeries are most common in the hip and knee, though joint surgery may also occur in the thumbs, fingers, wrists, and ankles. Often, these procedures are minimally invasive, utilizing emerging technologies leading to reduced pain and shortened recovery periods. We strive to have the least amount of impact on your perioperative life. 

Some commonplace procedures for treating arthritis may include: 

  • Medical Management or injections
  • Synovectomy: the synovium or tissue lining is removed, leading to reduced pain and swelling and slower disease progression
  • Arthroscopy: a minimally invasive procedure in which joints are carefully examined and minor repairs may be made, including the removal of torn cartilage
  • Osteotomy: the bone is repositioned or cut in order to restore typical and protective alignment and provide prevention or relief from osteoarthritis
  • Resection: part or all of a bone of diseased joints is removed, leading to improved function and reduced arthritis pain
  •  Arthrodesis: the bones of a joint are fused together, leading to increased stability and reduced pain
  • Definitive treatment for unmitigated pain and or disability secondary to arthritis is to perform a joint replacement, which provides relief by resurfacing the joints with material such as metal and plastic that provides smooth and pain free joint motion.

As a last resort for arthritis treatment, total joint replacement may be considered. This process involves removing the damaged cartilage and bones and replacing them with synthetic materials, which will mimic the typical behavior of the affected joint. This procedure is quite advanced and complex, but is highly successful and can last for years.

Following joint surgery, patients can expect some manageable discomfort, which is most often managed by medication. A list of modalities that could be provided to you by your surgeon or surgical team.  

Dr. Brian Bacot, Dr. Jamil Jacobs El, Dr Adam Flowers, our joint replacement specialist, will make the appropriate diagnosis, which includes screening for closely associated joint destroying inflammatory diseases and getting these assessed and managed by our Rheumatologist specialist Dr Rebecca Manno.Once the definitive diagnosis has been made and medical management optimized the appropriate surgical treatment plan can be created if and when necessary. 

It is recommended that you become active as soon as comfortable and safe following arthritis surgery, which will promote faster healing and more effective physical therapy, directed by the likes of COG RESTORE. Please ask your provider about the Nmotion rapid recovery physical therapy program created at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global in coordination with the specialist of COG RESTORE. The program has a proven rapid recovery process that is based on both our clinical experience as well as evidence-based medicine.

Most patients find they can resume light activity within days of surgery when there is a motivated patient, appropriate pain control, a coordination with our expert and trained Physical therapists who thought the Nmotion Rapid Recovery Program commit to a speedy precise and effective rehabilitation. More Demanding activity is Guided by individual patient experience and over soon by Martin Surgeon along with our physical therapy specialist. Your Surgeon will work with you directly to provide specific post-surgery instruction. 

Results from arthritis surgery and recovery times may vary depending on the individual’s condition and the specific surgery. Most patients find that, after surgery, they have reduced pain and improved motion, as long as their expectations pre-surgery are realistic. This requires seeking answers to your questions about your surgery after you have researched your particular surgery.  

At Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global we developed a rapid recovery and pain reduction program called Nmotion this allows us to perform procedures of significant importance such as total joint replacements and ligament repairs with the ability for the patient to return home safely within an hour of their surgery. If you have questions about your recovery, please request the advice of your surgical team.

All surgery comes with some level of risk. Risks in arthritis surgery are rare but may include nerve damage, blood clots, infection, circulation issues, and reactions to anesthesia, among others. To reduce these risks, patients should choose an experienced arthritis doctor for their procedure. You should also research as much as possible and ask questions to your surgical team. 

To find more information about the potential risk of developing blood clots and to learn more about how they can be prevented during a total hip replacement procedure, please visit the Stop the Clot Patient Toolkit provided by the National Blood Clot Alliance.

For more information about arthritis treatment in St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, and the Virgin Islands, please request an appointment through our online portal or contact us via phone at (340) 779-2663.